Companion Animal Advocacy & Rescue Effort


Until one loves an animal, part of one's soul remains un-awakened



Cost of Rescue

How much does it really cost to rescue a dog or puppy and foster and care for it until it’s adopted? We get these questions all the time, especially in relation to our Adoption Donation request (please see adoptable dogs).  You might be very surprised by what you read here!

Regular Rescue Costs

  • $200-$300 basic neuter/spay
    • $100-$200 transport
    • $20-40 deworming
    • $50-$120 vaccines
    • $30 flea treatments

Additional Rescue Costs

It often takes weeks, sometimes months for our lovely rescues to find their forever homes.  Additional costs incurred incliude things like food, special diets for the dogs with allergies, dental work, training and boarding.

  • $30-$50 average/month food 
  • $50-75 special diet
  • $20 supplies (leash, collar ect)
  • $100+ dental
  • $5-15 a day boarding

We take the dogs that no one else wants, the ones with kennel cough, the ones with demodex mange, the ones that need expensive major surgeries, and this can add thousands to the costs above.

When we ask for an adoption donation for a dog, no matter how much, we are losing money!