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Fostering A Dog with CAARE

Please click here for our Foster Application/Agreement Form.

CAARE needs volunteers to provide foster care for rescued dogs until they are adopted. All veterinary care, food and supplies are covered by our rescue. Fostering can last from a few weeks to a few months.

Caring for a rescued dog and bringing it into your loving home is a huge step in helping that dog find their forever family.  The majority of dogs in rescue have been neglected and often abused, therefore they will need patience and understanding when brought into your environment. Potty training, learning to walk on a leash and dog socialization is often required as these dogs have often never been in a proper home.

At CAARE we strive to make the best possible foster match, taking into consideration your space and lifestyle.  All of our dogs have had their temperaments and behaviors assessed when they come into our care. The foster experience can be challenging but few things in life is more rewarding than the day a foster dog finds a forever family.

If you are dedicated to helping a deserving dog find a forever home and have room in your life and your heart, please consider fostering. We provide all supplies and vet care coverage.

**Foster dogs must be kept on leash when outside of their foster home.  CAARE is not responsible for any damage caused by the animals while in foster care.  Foster dogs must be kept on leash at all times unless in a fenced, supervised area.**

Please click here to access our Foster Information Booklet, which is a comprehensive guide to fostering with CAARE!