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 for Jade's Surgery Fund

Jade was found abandonded  in Northern Manitoba at the tender age of 9 weeks old.     X-Rays confirmed that she has a broken pelvis and both of her hip bones are fractured.  The injury was several weeks old when we found her.  

Jade will need extensive surgery to help her live a normal, painfree life.  This surgery is upwards of $4500.  It cannot be performed until Jade's bones reach maturity (or close to it) to be effective.  

Thank you very much for your support.

 for Sylver's Surgery Fund

Sylver  has a fracture caused by a pellet which is still lodged in his bone. He'd been wandering around with this injury for weeks when we found him by the side of the road.  

Sylver requires expensive surgery to remove the femoral head and replace it with an artificial joint.  He has be given a 90% chance for a full recovery.

Sylver is loving and eager to please despite the pain he must be feeling.  Please help us ensure this boy has a chance at a normal life!