Companion Animal Advocacy & Rescue Effort


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Adoption Through CAARE

Please email us at for an adoption application.

CAARE's Dogs are UTD on their vaccinations and spayed/neutered before being adopted.  If the puppy is too young for their spay/neuter at the time of adoption, the adopter receives a voucher for their spay/neuter with our vet, to be performed before 6 months of age.

Our adoptable dogs can be seen on our Facebook page, Petfinder, Adopt a Pet and on our Website.  We encourage you to contact us via our Contact page to inquire about the dog.  If you are interested in meeting the dog, we will then ask you to fill out our Adoption Application form.  This is an important first step for us to be able to evaluate whether the dog you are interested in is a good fit for your lifestyle and vice versa.

Upon review of your application we will arrange a visit with the dog.  If there is alnother dog in your home we require a meeting between the two (or more) as well. 

Home checks are an important part of our process.  It is not meant as an invasion of  your privacy!  We are dedicated to finding the best homes for our dogs and seeing where an adopter lives gives us a good indication of how the dog will live as well.  If all goes well and you are approved,  we'd ask you to complete and sign the Adoption Contract on adoption day.

 Adoption Donations

 Saving a life and brining an animal into rescue is incredibly expensive.  Donation amounts that we ask when adopting a dog in no way fulfill our financial expenditures incurred by vet care, transport, food and supplies.In order for us to be able to continue our rescue efforts, we ask that a minimum donation amount is given to CAARE.  The minimum donation are as follows:

Puppies (under 1 year old) - $600

Young Adults (1 year - 2 years old) - $500

Adults (2+) - $400

Seniors (6+) - TBD

Please contact us to find out how you can donate!

These donation amounts are minimums only and may be modified at the Rescue's discretion